How To Add An A Record To A Domain

The basic setup of most WordPress websites is: A Domain registered at somewhere like GoDaddy or Namecheap Hosting at somewhere like WPEngine or Hostgator WordPress installed on the hosting There are two main ways of connecting the domain and the hosting. You could: Set the A Record at the domain registrar to point to the

How To Make Divi Accordion Accessible

I was building an accordion in Divi, using the standard accordion widget. Checking it against the Aria Design Patterns for Accordions and the Accordion Example from W3, the Divi accordion module wasn’t following the correct labelling requirements. Perhaps by the time you’re reading this, it has been fixed. If not, I hope you find this

How To Move Divi Top Header Inside Main Header

On the default Divi install, the top header sits outside the <header> section. For accessibility and web standards reasons, Divi’s <div id=”top-header”> should be contained within the main <header> section. The alternative is to wrap it in <div role=”banner”>, as explained at Deque University. How to move Divi top header inside the main header: Install

How To Add Current Year To Divi Footer

On all the websites I build, I put a “Copyright © 2020” in the footer, where the year gets automatically updated. The site that I was just working on had “Copyright 2018” in the footer. It was following the way Elegant Themes said to do it. No one wants to have to go in and

Fix A Broken WordPress Block Editor

I had a very weird situation recently. I went to edit a page on a site I’d cloned and the WordPress block editor was completely broken. It looked like this: I checked the code for broken javaScript, disabled all the plugins, set the theme to Twenty Nineteen, all the things I’ve said to do in

How To Noindex WordPress Subpages

A technique commonly used in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to tell the search engines that you don’t want particular pages to show up in the search results. The code you need in the HTML of the page is: Because the directive is to “noindex, follow”, most people colloquially refer to that as “noindexing” the

How To Add Google Analytics Conversion Tracking To Contact Form 7

If you have a contact form on your website and you use Google Analytics, it’s a great idea to track conversions. You already know how many people are contacting you, but on what page are they filling out the contact form? How did they get to that page? Did they get to your website from

How To Clean Up WordPress Head Code

WordPress does a lot of things for us automatically. However, because it tries to be all things to all people, there are a few bits of code in the header that I always take out. Reducing the code can speed up the site and make it easier for a developer to see what’s actually important

How To Clear The Cache In WordPress

We use caching on most websites to help the user experience. Caching saves a copy of images, css etc so it doesn’t need to be fetched every time. It’s great when everything is running normally, but can be annoying when you’re trying to change the design. For someone who works in IT, the default first

How To Edit Files Through FTP

Every web developer should be able to use FTP to edit files. FTP stands for “File Transfer Protocol”. As the name suggests, it’s a way of transferring files between servers, or between a server and your computer. You may be familiar with HTTP, which stands for “HyperText Transfer Protocol”. That’s how you’re reading this page