How To Install Let's Encrypt On WHM AutoSSL

WHM generally has AutoSSL provided by cPanel (powered by Sectigo) setup as the default SSL certificate provider. We’ve found the default cPanel SSL to be a bit problematic with renewals and wanted to switch to LetsEncrypt. How to install & enable Let’s Encrypt for AutoSSL on WHM In WHM, check Manage AutoSSL in case Let’s

How To Add A Meta Box To WordPress

I needed to add a meta box to the WordPress editor for my pages. Something that I could use to pull data from the post meta for that page, change it and update the post meta. In its most basic form, I needed something like this: How to add a meta box to WordPress To

Make A Group Of Inputs Required If One Is Filled, Using jQuery

I was building a HTML form where a group of text inputs wasn’t required by default. However, if any of the inputs in the group was filled, all the inputs in the group had to be. I was already using jQuery on the page, so this is how I solved it. How to make a

How To Redirect HTTP To HTTPS With htaccess

On a site I run, we were occasionally having issues with the way plugins were redirecting HTTP requests to HTTPS. We were trying to get the most speed out of the site and they were causing load on the database checking whether they should redirect. We only had cPanel access, so I did it through

How To Customize The Post Date In GeneratePress

I have a number of posts that get thousands of readers a month and dozens of comments. As more comments come in, I often update the content, or clarify things. Particularly if the theme or plugin they relate to changes. The way that GeneratePress is typically setup, it only displays the published date, which is

How To Rearrange Astra Post Elements

A reader asked how to completely rearrange the post elements in WordPress Astra. They wanted to order it as: Date Post title Author Post content Categories Tags They also wanted the same ordering on both the single posts and in the category pages. Regardless of whether you want to order your layout in this exact

How To Display WordPress Categories Below Astra Post

Today we’re going to continue on from my series on how to customize the meta for posts using the Astra WordPress Theme. How to display the WordPress categories below the content in Astra In functions.php, create a function that echoes the categories. Hook the function into astra_entry_content_after. Stop the category displaying in the default place

How To Fix A Broken WP Astra Theme Customizer

I recently went to edit the copyright on a WordPress site running Astra and the place to make edits was blank: The same thing happened when I tried to edit a HTML block: I was able to add the blocks and move them around. I just couldn’t edit their contents. To fix a broken WP

Fix Broken Formatting On WordPress Gutenberg Editor

Have you ever logged into WordPress, gone to edit a post or page and found it filled with <!– wp:paragraph –> tags and raw HTML? Something like this: Thankfully it’s usually a simple fix. The problem is the visual editor has been disabled. To fix the broken formatting in the Gutenberg editor, in the admin

Custom Spam Filter For Contact Form 7

I like Contact Form 7. It’s been around forever, it’s lightweight and simple to setup. It’s perfect when you just need to throw up a contact form onto your site. However, it’s not so good in the spam filtering. I usually use Honeypot for Contact Form 7, which helps, but a fair few bots still