How To Add Current Date To Divi Footer

I often want to add the current date to the footer in Divi for the copyright statement. I don’t want to have to go back through hundreds of websites every year to update the year. The problem is that the Divi footer doesn’t allow for shortcodes and there is no filter you can hook into

How To Change The Window Size For Codeception WP Web Driver

If you use acceptance testing for you WordPress plugin or theme development, it’s likely you’re using Codeception. I use the WP Web Driver browser in my testing as it has the most testing options. Usually the size of the browser window doesn’t matter, because I’m running it headless. Today I was testing menu access. Somewhat

How To Automatically Set Image Alignment In WordPress Block Editor

When you use the WordPress block editor a lot, you may wish you could automatically set the image alignment when you add a new image. By default, the image will have an alignment of “None”. How to automatically center images in the WordPress block editor To have the images automatically be center-aligned when you add

Should You Show Review Everywhere in WP Local Schema?

In the WP Local Schema plugin, you have the option to show the review from the settings across the site. The official Schema Review type is silent on whether or not outputting a review across the site is ok or not. As for Google, in their technical guidelines for review snippets, they say to Make

11+ Best WordPress Block Themes For Full Site Editing in 2022 (Ranked)

WordPress 5.9 introduced us to full site editing themes on 25 January 2022. This is a whole new way to build WordPress themes, breaking with how we’ve done it since February 2005. With such a massive change, there aren’t many full site editing ready themes just yet. The big theme players have yet to make

How To Install Let's Encrypt On WHM AutoSSL

WHM generally has AutoSSL provided by cPanel (powered by Sectigo) setup as the default SSL certificate provider. We’ve found the default cPanel SSL to be a bit problematic with renewals and wanted to switch to LetsEncrypt. How to install & enable Let’s Encrypt for AutoSSL on WHM In WHM, check Manage AutoSSL in case Let’s

How To Add A Meta Box To WordPress

I needed to add a meta box to the WordPress editor for my pages. Something that I could use to pull data from the post meta for that page, change it and update the post meta. In its most basic form, I needed something like this: How to add a meta box to WordPress To

Make A Group Of Inputs Required If One Is Filled, Using jQuery

I was building a HTML form where a group of text inputs wasn’t required by default. However, if any of the inputs in the group was filled, all the inputs in the group had to be. I was already using jQuery on the page, so this is how I solved it. How to make a

How To Redirect HTTP To HTTPS With htaccess

On a site I run, we were occasionally having issues with the way plugins were redirecting HTTP requests to HTTPS. We were trying to get the most speed out of the site and they were causing load on the database checking whether they should redirect. We only had cPanel access, so I did it through

How To Customize The Post Date In GeneratePress

I have a number of posts that get thousands of readers a month and dozens of comments. As more comments come in, I often update the content, or clarify things. Particularly if the theme or plugin they relate to changes. The way that GeneratePress is typically setup, it only displays the published date, which is