How To Make A Four Column Layout In Gutenberg

To make a four column layout in the WordPress Gutenberg editor, select the equal three column layout, hover over a gap between the columns and add the fourth column.

Start by choosing the "Columns" block.

Gutenberg new block popup with an arrow pointing to the columns block

Assuming you want four equal columns, choose the three equal columns variation. It's the 33 / 33 / 33 one.

Even though the columns are technically 33.33% width, it doesn't set a specific custom width, so when you go to add your fourth or fifth column, it will just make them all equal 25% widths.

Gutenberg columns block showing column variations. Arrow pointing to the 3 equal columns variation

Hovering over the gaps between the columns brings up a "plus" icon. If you hover a bit longer you'll see the "Add Column" tooltip, but you don't need to wait for that.

Click the plus icon to add a column in the space where your cursor is hovering.

Arrow pointing to the Add Column space between two Gutenberg columns

You should now see four equal columns.

Screenshot of the final four equal column layout

Add a column to the end of the row

If you want to add a column to the end of a row, select the last column and duplicate it.

This takes more steps than the other method I went through in this guide. You may want to do it this way if you already have content in place, or you've already setup custom widths for your columns.

If you don't have any blocks in the column, the simplest way is to click on the column, then click the three dots on the right of the popup.

Gutenberg three column layout with an arrow pointing to one, selected column and another to the Options button for the column

If you already have blocks in the column, selecting any of them brings up a box where you can select the column instead of the block.

Arrow pointing to the choose column button of the selected text block

The other way to select the column is to turn on List View (Shift + Alt + O) or click the List View icon. Then choose the column.

Arrow pointing to the Gutenberg List View icon. The list view is open and another arrow is pointing to the column

Once you have the column selected, click "Duplicate" or hit Ctrl + Shift + D.

Gutenberg column is selected and the options button is clicked. An arrow is pointing to Duplicate on the options menu

Now you'll have a four column layout.

Final four equal column layout with the new column being the last in the row

Depending how you setup the other columns, you may need to readjust the widths of the columns.

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