How To Stop WordPress Partial Match Redirection

We had an unusual situation where we deleted a page and wanted to serve a 404 error page in its place. Instead, anyone who went to that URL was redirected to another page on the site. That hadn’t happened with any other URLs. Then it happened with another page we deleted. There were no redirect

How To Clean Up WordPress Head Code

WordPress does a lot of things for us automatically. However, because it tries to be all things to all people, there are a few bits of code in the header that I always take out. Reducing the code can speed up the site and make it easier for a developer to see what’s actually important

How to Find Code Using Inspect Element

One of the most useful tools for a web developer is the Inspect Element tool. It allows you to quickly jump to the important part of the code to see what’s going on there. It’s something I use probably more than any other tool. The best part is it allows you to see what’s going

How to Define the Upload Path in WordPress

Most of the time, you don’t have to worry about the upload path in WordPress. It’s just handled automatically with a fallback. A plugin on a site I was working on had a problem with wp_upload_dir(), which is supposed to fetch the location of the uploads. It resulted in the error you see in the

Google Analytics & Google Search Console: How To Give Access

When someone is helping you with your website, you might want to give them access to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console (formerly called “Google Webmaster Tools”). But you might have other websites in your account, or you might just want to give them access to view the data, but not change anything. In

How To Add Anchor Links In WordPress

Anchor links are a very useful part of web design. They let you improve the User Experience by directing users to a specific part of a page, rather than making them search for the information. They make it easier for you to write more comprehensive information and combine multiple small, related pages, without compromising the

How To Fix WordPress Quotation Marks

I was going through a previous post to check how to increase the memory limit on a WordPress install. When I copied the code, I realized there was a big problem: WordPress was automatically changing “straight quotes” into “smart quotes”. How to fix WordPress quotation marks: Go to functions.php and add this code: remove_filter(‘the_content’, ‘wptexturize’); making sure it’s in a

How To Backup A WordPress Site

If you run WordPress websites, you’ll spend a large proportion of your time backing up sites. There are two main reasons you’ll be backing up a site: One-time backups for doing updates, moving the website or improving the site Regular backups in case the server goes down, you accidentally delete something or the website gets

How To Migrate A WordPress Site With BackupBuddy

We do a lot of backups, website migrations and other restorations with BackupBuddy. BackupBuddy is on my list of essential plugins. You can check it out here. How to migrate a WordPress site with BackupBuddy: Create a Complete Backup Download the zipped backup and importbuddy to your computer Upload the files to your new server Create a new database

How To Setup Amazon S3 Permissions For WordPress Backups

Many people use Amazon S3 to store the backups from their WordPress websites. Most of the good backup plugins integrate with Amazon S3. All you have to do is input your Amazon Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. The way their accounts are setup leave many people’s Amazon accounts wide open if someone were