Make A Group Of Inputs Required If One Is Filled, Using jQuery

I was building a HTML form where a group of text inputs wasn’t required by default. However, if any of the inputs in the group was filled, all the inputs in the group had to be. I was already using jQuery on the page, so this is how I solved it. How to make a

How To Get Parameters From URL With JavaScript

We previously went through how to update URL parameters without refreshing the browser. Now let’s go through the other side of that process. How to get parameters from the URL using JavaScript: To get the parameters from the URL with JavaScript you need to pull in the URL and strip out the parameters using RegExp.

How To Update URL Parameters Without Refreshing The Browser

I’m building a project where the user will change the state of the website and we want that to be reflected in the URL, so they can share it with others and everyone can easily see which combination of elements they chose. How to update URL parameters using JavaScript without refreshing the browser: Use window.history.replaceState()

How To Find A Visitor's Latitude And Longitude Using jQuery

I needed to fetch a visitor’s coordinates, then pass them into a form, which then displayed local businesses in their area. The first part was just getting their latitude and longitude. How do you find a visitor’s latitude and longitude using jQuery? Get the visitor’s permission to access their location Use the JavaScript Geolocation API to get the GPS position from the visitor’s device, or