How To Connect Gravity Forms And Stripe

One of my favorite ways of taking money online is through a Gravity Form to Stripe. They’re both pretty stable and I’ve been using that combination for about five years now. It can be a bit of a hassle to setup initially, but once you’re done, you probably won’t need to touch it again. The

How To Noindex WordPress Subpages

A technique commonly used in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to tell the search engines that you don’t want particular pages to show up in the search results. The code you need in the HTML of the page is: Because the directive is to “noindex, follow”, most people colloquially refer to that as “noindexing” the

How To Add Google Analytics Conversion Tracking To Contact Form 7

If you have a contact form on your website and you use Google Analytics, it’s a great idea to track conversions. You already know how many people are contacting you, but on what page are they filling out the contact form? How did they get to that page? Did they get to your website from

How To Put A WordPress Site Into Maintenance Mode
(With Countdown Timer)

Sometimes you need to do some work on a live site that might break the layout or functionality. You should always test any changes on a staging site, but eventually the changes will make their way to the live site. The standard practice is to put the website into maintenance mode while you make the

How To Fix Yoast Sitemap XML Declaration Error

I was working on a new client’s website today, checked sitemap_index.xml and saw this error: The XML sitemap was rendered using the Yoast SEO plugin. This is what it should look like: Viewing the source of the page, the error was being caused by an errant space at the top of the XML sitemap. The