About Intelliwolf

Intelliwolf is a WordPress web development company based in Perth, Western Australia.

Mike Haydon is responsible for the day to day operations of Intelliwolf and does most of the work. We are a small, but growing company.

We help people with building websites on WordPress, with a heavy focus on the functional, technical side of their website, as opposed to the design side. We do a lot with the design side of things, it's just not what we're known for.

Our web development business is run through https://intelliwolf.com.au/. Some companies put it all under one roof, but we decided to split them up, so that the tutorials could reach a global audience, while our web development business is more focused on Australia.

We have a deep passion for helping the developer community, guiding newer developers with lessons we've learned over the years. That's the main reason for this website.

At the moment, Mike does all the writing for this website. We write on topics such as:

We've sponsored WordPress Meetups and have customers across Australia and USA.

Mike has been sporadically publishing tutorials similar to what is on this site since 2006, but began again with renewed vigour after going through
Project 24 (which we highly recommend to anyone thinking about getting into blogging).