How To Display A Message On Every Post In WordPress Astra

I had a request from a reader for a tutorial on how to add a message to every post, but not to archives, categories or the blogroll. Specifically, they wanted an affiliate disclaimer to appear on every post, below the post title. They were using the Astra theme. But they didn’t want the affiliate disclaimer

How To Find Your WordPress Version

There are three ways you can find which WordPress version is running on your site: displayed in the WordPress admin area, in the HTML source, or by using PHP code. How to find your WordPress version in the admin area When you first log in to the WordPress admin area as an admin, you will

How To Move MariaDB Database Files After Upgrading Version

I just upgraded from MariaDB 10.1.x to 10.6.x and wanted to move some of my old databases over to the new version. Typically you would use a database dump or the MariaDB upgrade wizard, but none of those would work for me. I’m also running it on a Windows 10 machine, so a lot of

How To Add An Icon To Astra Meta Date

A reader of this site requested this tutorial. He was after something like this, where there is a custom icon in the Astra post meta just before the date. The best way to do this is either with Font Awesome or with a custom SVG. If you are already loading Font Awesome and one of

How To Customize WooCommerce Order Thankyou Text

Have you ever wanted to change WooCommerce’s default thankyou text from “Thank you. Your order has been received” to something that better represents your brand? I usually want to add in something about checking their spam folder for the confirmation email if they haven’t seen it within 30 minutes. Before customization, the order received text

How To Make A Four Column Layout In Gutenberg

To make a four column layout in the WordPress Gutenberg editor, select the equal three column layout, hover over a gap between the columns and add the fourth column. Start by choosing the “Columns” block. Assuming you want four equal columns, choose the three equal columns variation. It’s the 33 / 33 / 33 one.

How To Make A Full Width Divi Template For Gutenberg

Sometimes we want to use the Gutenberg editor for some of the simpler pages on a Divi site. I know, there are better ways, like using GeneratePress or Astra with Elementor or Beaver Builder. Those are my usual combinations when I know I’ll be building out a bunch of Gutenberg pages. But sometimes, you just

How To Make Divi Sections Be Full Width

Your web design layout will often call for full width rows. By default, Divi rows are set to a maximum width, usually 1080px. There are two main ways to get that full width look: Set the background color on the section, instead of the row Change the width and max-width of the row You’d go

How To Fix WordPress Theme Customizer Not Saving

I’ve been building WordPress websites since 2006 and hadn’t come across this one until today. I would make changes to the Advanced CSS in the Theme Customizer and it would show in the preview window. I’d hit publish and everything looked normal, but when I refreshed the page, the changes weren’t there. I tried everything

How To Add A Transparent Sticky Header In Elementor

I’ve previously written on how to make a sticky header in Elementor Pro. Now we’re going to take that to the next level. We’re going to create a sticky header that is transparent over a video background: And when the user scrolls down, the header turns into a sticky header with a white background. You