How To Customize WooCommerce Order Thankyou Text

Have you ever wanted to change WooCommerce’s default thankyou text from “Thank you. Your order has been received” to something that better represents your brand? I usually want to add in something about checking their spam folder for the confirmation email if they haven’t seen it within 30 minutes. Before customization, the order received text

How To Remove WooCommerce Product Image Link

WooCommerce automatically wraps your main product image in an <a> tag. It either links to the lightbox, or if you’ve disabled product image zoom it leaves a link to the image. If you want to get rid of that link, there’s no easy setting (as of WooCommerce 5.4.1) to disable it. To remove the link

How To Disable WooCommerce Product Image Zoom

I didn’t want the default product image zoom feature that comes with WooCommerce. There are two ways to disable the WooCommerce product image zoom function: or From trying to implement it, the remove_theme_support way often doesn’t work by putting it straight into your functions.php file. This is because it’s often called later in one of

How To Show WooCommerce Categories On Product Pages

I was recently working on building a little eCommerce store for a client and they wanted to have the categories show up on the product category pages. This design didn’t have a sidebar, so the usual option was out. I had to dig into the WooCommerce template code to figure it out. So how do