How To Allow Admins To Upload SVG To WordPress

Scalable Vector Graphics (“SVG”) can be a great way to display line art on your site at a range of sizes without having to worry about file sizes. They’re particularly useful for a logo or for social media icons. However, due to the way they’re coded, uploading an infected SVG can be a potential security

How To Disable WordPress Admin Email Verification

WordPress 5.3 introduced a screen that appears every six months to check if the administration email for the website is up to date. You’ve probably seen it. It looks like this: Thankfully it will only show to people with the “manage_options” capability, which generally means only website admins. For most of us, it’s annoying, but

How To Enable XML-RPC On WordPress

I needed to use XML-RPC on one of my sites to verify that I owned the site. Normally that’s not a problem with WordPress sites, because XML-RPC is enabled by default. However, I always turn it off and block access to it through iThemes Security. To enable XML-RPC on WordPress, go through your security, speed

How To Move WordPress Advanced Meta Box From Sidebar

I was working on a website where the meta boxes that should have been at the bottom were over on the sidebar. It was very strange, the meta boxes were fine on the posts. The meta boxes were only in the wrong place on the pages. There seemed to be no way to drag the

Fix A Broken WordPress Block Editor

I had a very weird situation recently. I went to edit a page on a site I’d cloned and the WordPress block editor was completely broken. It looked like this: I checked the code for broken javaScript, disabled all the plugins, set the theme to Twenty Nineteen, all the things I’ve said to do in

How To Add A Custom Filter To WordPress Users List

I was working on a membership site which had grown to a few thousand users. We had two sets of users, the individual type of which were set in the user meta. Basically, we wanted to add this… So how do you add a custom filter to the WordPress users list? Create the filter dropdown

How To Edit The New User Email Template In WordPress

I was working on building out a theme for a WordPress site that is essentially a marketplace for services. We had two types of people signing up: hirers and job seekers. The default initial email was fine for hirers, but we found a lot of the job seekers were signing up and not completing their