How To Install PHP Zip On WHM

I was playing around with converting a WordPress site to a static html site and ran into a “WARNING: ZIP extension mission” message when I tried to use zip. After some digging around, I realised I needed to install PHP zip. This is a server on which I have WHM, so I’ll go through how

How To Add An A Record To A Domain

The basic setup of most WordPress websites is: A Domain registered at somewhere like GoDaddy or Namecheap Hosting at somewhere like WPEngine or Hostgator WordPress installed on the hosting There are two main ways of connecting the domain and the hosting. You could: Set the A Record at the domain registrar to point to the

How To Clear The Cache In WordPress

We use caching on most websites to help the user experience. Caching saves a copy of images, css etc so it doesn’t need to be fetched every time. It’s great when everything is running normally, but can be annoying when you’re trying to change the design. For someone who works in IT, the default first

How To Edit Files Through FTP

Every web developer should be able to use FTP to edit files. FTP stands for “File Transfer Protocol”. As the name suggests, it’s a way of transferring files between servers, or between a server and your computer. You may be familiar with HTTP, which stands for “HyperText Transfer Protocol”. That’s how you’re reading this page

How To Edit Files In cPanel

Sometimes we need to make small changes to a file on a server. It’s quick and easy to just pull up cPanel and make our changes there. We also have a tutorial on editing files through FTP if you prefer to do it that way. How to edit files in cPanel Login to cPanel Go

How To Install WordPress In XAMPP (Fresh Or From Backup)

When you start getting serious about building WordPress websites, you’ll want to start developing on your own computer. It’s a lot faster, you can do it offline (at the beach like the promo shots for those “lifestyle gurus”), and you don’t have to worry about making mistakes. Many premium plugins, that otherwise limit the number

Step By Step Instructions On How To Install XAMPP On Mac

If you want to install WordPress on your local machine, you have a number of options. I prefer to use XAMPP because it’s been around for ages (so it’s stable and has a lot of tutorials), I can use it on my Windows, Mac and Linux machines, and if I want to do some PHP

How To Setup A WordPress Development Server

You should have a development environment for every live WordPress site you own or work on. You’ll hear terms like “staging site”, “local server” or “development environment”. Yes there are often nuances between them, but basically they’re just a copy of your live site. You really should have at least one copy of your live

How To Redirect All Pages From One Domain To Another With .htaccess

Redirecting pages or websites tends not to be something most web designers deal with on a regular basis. What sometimes happens is you change your domain and keep the pages the same on the new domain. You don’t want to redirect all the pages of the old domain to the homepage of the new domain,

How To Update The PHP Version on cPanel

With PHP 5.6 reaching the end of support recently, now is a good time to write a refresher on how to update to a more current version. How to update the PHP version on cPanel: Take a backup of all the sites on the server Log in to cPanel Look under Software for “PHP Selector” or “PHP Manager” Choose the domain to