How To Show Hidden Files In cPanel (Like .htaccess)

Every WordPress installation has at least one “dotfile” called .htaccess. Files usually have a file name, then an ending, like index.php. But .htaccess is just the ending. By default, cPanel’s File Manager doesn’t show dotfiles. You have to change a setting so that you can see them. To show hidden files in cPanel like .htaccess,

How To Close Down A WordPress Website

There comes a point in every business, when it’s time to close down. I closed down a business website for a client today and figured I’d walk through how I did it, for people who’ve not done it before. It’s not as simple as just deleting the website and walking away. You want to leave

How To Add Custom CSS To WordPress Admin Area

Sometimes it’s nice to add a bit of custom styling to the WordPress admin area to make things stand out a bit better. Today I needed to resize a meta box in the sidebar of the Gutenberg editor. We had lots of options for membership levels, but it was annoying to have to scroll through

How To Fix "Another Update Is Currently In Progress" WordPress Error

From time to time, when I’m updating WordPress, I get hit with the error message “Another update is currently in progress”. This is caused by a line (possibly two) in the database that is supposed to stop clashing updates, but sometimes gets stuck. You could leave the site alone for 15 minutes and it will

How To Add Dynamic Pricing To Gravity Forms With Stripe

I often use a Gravity Form connected to Stripe to take payment for things like web design jobs. The problem is that the pricing on the form is static by default. I need the same information from every web design client, but the price will change based on the size or scope of the job.

How To Get Parameters From URL With JavaScript

We previously went through how to update URL parameters without refreshing the browser. Now let’s go through the other side of that process. How to get parameters from the URL using JavaScript: To get the parameters from the URL with JavaScript you need to pull in the URL and strip out the parameters using RegExp.

How To Update URL Parameters Without Refreshing The Browser

I’m building a project where the user will change the state of the website and we want that to be reflected in the URL, so they can share it with others and everyone can easily see which combination of elements they chose. How to update URL parameters using JavaScript without refreshing the browser: Use window.history.replaceState()

How To Make A Web Accessible Disclosure Toggle Using Shortcodes

I spoke previously about how to make Divi’s toggle module web accessible, but what if you weren’t using Divi? I needed to have a disclosure pattern toggle independent of any theme. It needed to be setup using a shortcode with customizable content. Ideally, you’d want to wrap this into a plugin, but I’m going to

How To Get The WordPress Author ID From A Post ID

I was building a gift registry system where users could create and customize their own registry pages. I needed a way to connect the author ID to the post ID and display a different template based on who was viewing the gift registry page. But I needed to do it outside the loop. How to

How To Make Divi Toggle Module Web Accessible

Following on from the post on making the Divi Accordion module web accessible, today we’ll tackle the Divi Toggle module. The functionality of the Toggle module is similar to the Accordion module. The main difference is each Toggle element stands alone. Because of that, I think the Toggle module should follow the WAI-ARIA Disclosure Design