How To Find Your WordPress Version

There are three ways you can find which WordPress version is running on your site:

How to find your WordPress version in the admin area

When you first log in to the WordPress admin area as an admin, you will usually see the "At a Glance" widget. You will find the current version there.

At a Glance widget showing WordPress version 5.8.2

If you don't see the "At a Glance" widget, you can usually get it by clicking "Screen Options" and checking "At a Glance" on the Dashboard.

If you still don't see it there, you may have added a plugin that customizes the look of the dashboard.

Arrows pointing to Screen Options and At a Glance checkbox on the WordPress dashboard

Another place to look for the WordPress version is at the bottom of most of the pages in the admin area. However this will show a link to update the version if there's an update available, instead of the current version.

Arrow pointing to Version 5.8.2 at the bottom right of the WordPress admin area

The last common place to look in the admin area is under Updates. It will usually show the current WordPress version, unless there's a core update available.

Arrow pointing to Updates in the WordPress admin area and Current version 5.8.2 is circled

How to find the WordPress version of any site in the HTML source

If you view the source of a WordPress website, you'll often see

<meta name="generator" content="WordPress 5.8.2" />

where "5.8.2" is the WordPress version running on that site.

You will find it between the <head></head> tags at the top of the website.

HTML source of part of the head of a WP site with meta generator circled

If it's not there, they may have turned it off using:

remove_action( 'wp_head', 'wp_generator' );

How to find the current WordPress version using PHP code

The easiest way to find the current WordPress version using PHP code is with

get_bloginfo( 'version' );

You can see it in action if you hook it into your content and echo it.

Code showing an example of echoing get_bloginfo version

It will simply create a string with the version number.

Output of echoing get_bloginfo version with WordPress version circled

It's important to use the lower case 'version', or you will get the title of the website. That's the default for get_bloginfo().

If you want to go a layer deeper, all get_bloginfo( 'version' ) does is to output the global variable $wp_version.

You could also use:

global $wp_version;
echo $wp_version;

Finally, if you just want to dig in to the files and find the version number, it is stored in /wp-includes/version.php under the variable $wp_version. You're unlikely to find it as an entry in the database, unless another plugin has added it there.

Arrow pointing to $wp_version 5.8.2 in version.php

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