Fix A Broken WordPress Block Editor

I had a very weird situation recently. I went to edit a page on a site I'd cloned and the WordPress block editor was completely broken.

It looked like this:

I checked the code for broken javaScript, disabled all the plugins, set the theme to Twenty Nineteen, all the things I've said to do in the How To Fix WordPress manual.

I looked through the database for some setting that might explain it, checked my profile, which looked like this:

The "Visual Editor" option was not disabled.

Everything should've been working. But it wasn't.

How to fix a broken WordPress Block Editor:

  1. Go to Users -> Your Profile
  2. Select "Disable the visual editor when writing"
  3. Save the Profile
  4. Uncheck "Disable the visual editor when writing"
  5. Save the Profile again
  6. Now it should be working.

What I think happened is that when I disabled WP Bakery, it must have set the rich_editing flag to "false" in the wp_usermeta table.

For some reason, it wasn't causing the Disable Visual Editor to be checked, even though it should have been checked.

By disabling and re-enabling the visual editor, you should get your Gutenberg Block Editor back.

I also tried changing the rich_editing flag to "true" in the database and it also fixed it.

That might be an option if you've got a few users and you don't want to have to go into all of them in the WordPress admin area.

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