How to Define the Upload Path in WordPress

Most of the time, you don't have to worry about the upload path in WordPress. It's just handled automatically with a fallback.

A plugin on a site I was working on had a problem with wp_upload_dir(), which is supposed to fetch the location of the uploads. It resulted in the error you see in the picture above.

Error: Your upload path is not valid or does not exist: C:\xampp\htdocs\abf/C:/xampp/htdocs/abf/wp-content/uploads

Thankfully, the solution was very simple.

How to define the upload path in WordPress:

  1. Open wp_config.php in your preferred text editor
  2. Add this line below the WP_DEBUG line:
    define('UPLOADS', 'wp-content/uploads');
  3. Save wp_config.php

If you have a custom upload folder, change 'wp-content/uploads' to that location.

You can also use this function to set a custom directory for uploading your images and other WordPress media files.

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