How To Install WordPress In XAMPP (Fresh Or From Backup)

When you start getting serious about building WordPress websites, you’ll want to start developing on your own computer. It’s a lot faster, you can do it offline (at the beach like the promo shots for those “lifestyle gurus”), and you don’t have to worry about making mistakes. Many premium plugins, that otherwise limit the number

How To Install XAMPP On Mac - Step By Step Instructions

If you want to install WordPress on your local machine, you have a number of software options, like XAMPP, MAMP or Local by Flywheel. I prefer to use XAMPP because it’s been around for ages (so it’s stable and has a lot of tutorials), I can use it on my Windows, Mac and Linux machines,

How To Setup A WordPress Development Server

You should have a development environment for every live WordPress site you own or work on. You’ll hear terms like “staging site”, “local server” or “development environment”. Yes there are often nuances between them, but basically they’re just a copy of your live site. You really should have at least one copy of your live

How To Fix WordPress Quotation Marks

I was going through a previous post to check how to increase the memory limit on a WordPress install. When I copied the code, I realized there was a big problem: WordPress was automatically changing “straight quotes” into “smart quotes”. How to fix WordPress quotation marks: Go to functions.php and add this code: remove_filter(‘the_content’, ‘wptexturize’); making sure it’s in a

How To Create A Child Theme For Any WordPress Theme

Child themes are a staple of every WordPress developer. There are times when the functionality provided by the theme developer doesn’t meet your needs and you want to add something else. I’ll often say in my tutorials to “edit the functions.php file”. Whenever I say that, I’m assuming you’re editing a child theme. You should

How To Redirect All Pages From One Domain To Another With .htaccess

Redirecting pages or websites tends not to be something most web designers deal with on a regular basis. What sometimes happens is you change your domain and keep the pages the same on the new domain. You don’t want to redirect all the pages of the old domain to the homepage of the new domain,

How To Stop A Hidden WordPress Image Loading On Mobile

One of our readers commented on the tutorial about responsively hiding elements in Elementor raising a great question: what if you don’t just want the element to be hidden – what if you wanted to prevent an image from even loading on mobile. With most methods of hiding elements for mobile, you’re just assigning this

How To Change The Default Colors In WordPress Customizer

Many of the better WordPress themes add a color picker to the WordPress customizer. This makes it easier to design your website visually, rather than with code. When you use the WordPress Customizer, you may have seen something like this: The circled colours is what we’ll be changing today. Why go to the trouble of

How To Display Two Columns On Mobile In Elementor

As a web designer, it’s important that your website looks good on all sizes of screens. Sometimes you need to display two columns side-by-side on mobile. Elementor defaults to having columns be full width on the smaller screens. Usually that’s what we want, but how do you get this dark image to sit up next

How To Backup A WordPress Site

If you run WordPress websites, you’ll spend a large proportion of your time backing up sites. There are two main reasons you’ll be backing up a site: One-time backups for doing updates, moving the website or improving the site Regular backups in case the server goes down, you accidentally delete something or the website gets